Missouri Abortion Law Withstands Legal Challenge

A Kansas City federal judge denied Planned Parenthood’s efforts to block enforcement of a Missouri law passed last summer during the special legislative session. The lawsuit seeks to invalidate a provision of the law that requires abortion clinics to have a backup doctor available in the event of complications from use of RU-486, the abortion drug used to abort an unborn child in the first trimester.

In an order denying Planned Parenthood’s request to block enforcement of the provision, federal district court judge Beth Phillips ruled that Planned Parenthood failed to present sufficient evidence to show that the new law is a substantial burden on a women’s right to an abortion.

The ruling means that the hard work done last summer by the Missouri General Assembly and pro-life organizations during a special session to address pro-life issues will not be in vain. Please continue to keep this matter in prayer, as an appeal of the ruling is still possible.