Missouri House Committee Passes Food Stamps for Ex-Drug Offenders

Last week, the House Children and Families Committee passed HCS HB 1238, sponsored by Rep. Bob Nance (R-Excelsior Springs). This bill would lift the federal ban and allow eligible ex-drug offenders to receive food stamps in Missouri. The federal ban was enacted in 1996 as part of the welfare reform act, but states did have the opportunity to opt out of the ban. Missouri is one of only a handful states that still deny food stamps to ex-drug offenders.

Numerous witnesses, including the MCC, testified at the bill hearing about the hardships the ban put on people who were trying to put their drug use behind them. The bill includes some requirements to obtain food stamps, such as voluntary drug testing or participating in a drug treatment program. To prevent food stamp fraud, the
committee added an amendment for Missouri to get a federal waiver to have a photo ID on all EBT cards.

The bill now goes to the full House for debate.

3 thoughts on “Missouri House Committee Passes Food Stamps for Ex-Drug Offenders

  1. Elizabeth Wampler says:

    I am an elementary teacher that has an older brother with a substance abuse problem. He has had great difficulty gaining employment due to his felony drug charge. I found that this was incredibly unfair that people who committed murder were able to get food stamps. My brother is trying to recover from his drug addiction and is doing great. I only fear that if he cannot get a job he will not have any means to provide food for himself. Therefore by being able to get food stamps he may be able to survive on his own until he can get employment and become a productive member of our society.

  2. yes` this robert dale henson.
    I have a friend he’s half past criminal history drug use.
    she is living with me. and she has been totally clean from any drugs. she has your probation and paid debt to society. I’m currently unemployed myself. when I met this woman she was burnt out of missouri hotels fire. in springfield mo. I man up an
    d took her in. I’m only getting 16 dollars a month in food stamps I am
    drawing unemployment. my little 16 dollars in food stamps is nothing for 2 people live on.
    she is also bipolar and I have medications for her comes over a little over 100 dollars a month.
    as you can see with her past criminal history. she has been denied
    food stamps. so in between me and running and looking for work. and she does look for work also. we also have to take time. running from 1 food bank to another. just so we can live. I pay the rent and all the medical bills. she has use drugs over 4 years. now we are having to fight to try to get her food stamps.
    you see I really do care about her. if it wasn’t for me she would be living on the streets nothing. I have seen this woman do things for others no active reward. she has never complained about the food that we have so little of. how do you look at her pass see what she’s doing today. yes she has changed

    • like I said she has not use in four years. she is well on way to put your life back together. all she needs is a little helping hand. it’s funny child molesters can get food stamps. former drug addict can not. like I said she has not use drugs in over 4 years. she has paid her dues to the state of missouri.

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