Missouri House Education Committee Approves School Bill

By a vote of 13-9, the House Education Committee approved an omnibus education bill that addresses a number of education issues facing Missouri’s elementary and secondary schools. The bill includes a provision known as the “Passport Scholarship Program,” which would provide tax credits to donors who make contributions to educational foundations that offer scholarships to students in Missouri’s unaccredited school districts. The scholarships could be used to attend qualified nonpublic schools, including Catholic schools.

The bill was opposed by most, if not all, of the education lobbyists who raised concerns about decreased state revenues and lack of funding for public schools. The scholarship program would, however, use tax credits to encourage greater giving to education foundations, rather than channel money directly from state appropriations.

The MCC strongly supports the “Passport Scholarship Program.” For more information concerning this bill and to contact your legislator to support this bill, click here.

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