Missouri House Passes Tax Credit Bill for Benevolent Causes

On March 29, by a vote of 135-3, the Missouri House of Representatives passed HBs 1278 (Long, R-Battlefield) and 1152 (Burlison, R-Springfield) which authorize and/or extend the sunset date for tax credits for a number of benevolent causes, including food pantries, residential drug treatment facilities, facilities for the developmentally disabled and pregnancy resource centers. These tax credits are typically limited in scope and expire in four years, unless they are reauthorized. As the vote on these bills indicates, these tax credit programs have bipartisan support.

The fate of these bills now rests with the Missouri Senate, several members of which have been critical of longstanding for-profit tax credits that benefit real estate developers at the expense of general revenue. Budget shortfalls have caused several Missouri senators to insist on reform of all tax credits, including those benefiting nonprofit agencies. Whether they will insist on these broader reforms in an election year remains to be seen.

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