Missouri House Votes for 2011: Vote on Minimum Wage

Every legislative session, the MCC tracks votes on key public policy issues. The MCC has provided below the Missouri House’s vote on a key issue of 2011 to show incumbent voting records. If the state representative candidate in your district was in office during the time of this vote, their vote should be listed below. The district number might not coincide, as districts have changed, so look for the candidate’s name.

House Vote 1 — House Third Read and Passed to prohibit the state minimum wage from exceeding the federal minimum wage, thereby repealing the inflation index in the current state law (HCS HB 61 House Third Read and Passed). MCC urged a NO vote. 

Voting Key:
Y – Yes
N – No
AL – Absent with leave
A – Absent
P – Present

House Vote 3 — House Truly Agreed to and Finally Passed to strengthen restrictions on late-term abortions (SS SCS SB 65 House Truly Agreed to and Finally Passed). MCC urged a YES vote.





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