Missouri Lawmakers Set Priorities for 2013 Session

With the opening day of the Missouri General Assembly set for January 9, 2013, lawmakers in both parties are setting their legislative priorities for the upcoming session in the House of Representatives.

According to newly elected Speaker of the House Rep. Tim Jones (R-Eureka), republicans will be focusing on legislation designed to retain major employers and professionals, improve our business climate and comprehensively revise our complicated criminal code.

According to Rep. Jones Missouri must reform its confusing regulatory environment for businesses and eliminate disadvantages that Missouri has in competing with neighboring states for businesses, jobs and medical professionals.

Meanwhile house democrats will focus their energy on ethics and campaign finance reform legislation. House minority leader Jake Hummel (D-St. Louis) feels this is a bi-partisan issue. Democrats plan to introduce legislation that will grant the Missouri Ethics Commission greater authority over campaign contributions, cap the amount of campaign contributions for statewide candidates, limit the amount of money lawmakers can take from lobbyists, and lengthen the time between leaving office that a lawmaker can become a lobbyist.

Even though the parties have a different set of priorities, lawmakers of both parties will have to work together to accomplish their goals in the next session.

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