Missouri Senate Approves Tax Credit for Pregnancy Resource Centers, Food Pantries, and Children in Crisis Programs

The Missouri Senate has given approval to legislation that re-establishes expired tax credits that assist pregnancy resource centers, food pantries and services to children in crisis. The Senate action took place on Thursday, January 31 on a vote of 32-0.

“Let us get these (tax credits) reinstated for these wonderful, benevolent, non-profit charities, doing great work, just as soon as we can,” said Senator Bob Dixon (R-Springfield), sponsor of SB 20.

When the tax credits expired on August 27, 2012, centers began to notice a drop in donations. Many centers encouraged donations before the credits expired, and while they may have seen an increase in donations before then, they have since dropped. Birthright Counseling of St. Louis reported a 13 percent drop in donations from the same time period in 2011.

Dixon said the bill was generally well received and broadly supported. He noted that the passage of the bill will have a positive effect on many Missouri residents.

“The value of these ‘benevolent’ tax credits is readily apparent. The amount of credits redeemed may be small in terms of the state budget, but they have a tremendous impact in terms of lives saved or improved. Allowing these tax credits to expire does not save taxpayers one dime in the long run. With its swift action, the senate has demonstrated its strong support for this ‘ounce of prevention’,” Dixon said.

The bill will now go to the Missouri House of Representatives for that body’s consideration.

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