Missouri Switches to a New Lethal Injection Drug

The Missouri Department of Corrections (DOC) announced this week that it plans to use the sedative pentobarbital as its new lethal injection drug. Thirteen other states use pentobarbital for capital punishment. Missouri also intends to use a compounding pharmacy to produce the drug. By using this approach the state will avoid going through drug manufacturers who are often opposed to using their drug for lethal injection.

This announcement from the DOC came just two weeks after Governor Nixon halted the execution of Allen Nicklasson because of concerns about the state using the anesthetic propofol to carry out executions. Most of the propofol used in the U.S. comes from Europe. The European Union, which opposes the death penalty, threatened to cut off the U.S. supply of propofol causing a major impact on surgeries carried out in this country.

Joseph Franklin is set to be executed on November 20th. Regardless of the drug used in lethal injection, the Catholic Church opposes capital punishment because it disregards the sanctity and dignity of human life and promotes violence as a solution to crime.



Posted: October 24, 2013

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