Mo. Supreme Court Holds Off on Setting Execution Dates

Last week, the Missouri Supreme Court declined to set execution dates for six inmates until court challenges regarding the state’s execution method are resolved. The decision was a response to an earlier request by Attorney General Chris Koster to the Supreme Court to set execution dates for 19 death row inmates.  The attorney general’s request came shortly after Missouri changed its three-drug lethal injection method because of a national shortage of one of the drugs — sodium thiopental.

Missouri’s new protocol uses a single-dose drug called propofol. No state has ever used propofol for executions, prompting a lawsuit in Cole County contending that use of propofol violates the constitutional ban on cruel and unusual punishment. Until the legal questions are answered regarding propofol, the Supreme Court ruled it would be “premature” to set any execution dates.

One thought on “Mo. Supreme Court Holds Off on Setting Execution Dates

  1. Mindy says:

    My daughter was raped and strangled twice in her own home in Lake St. Louis by Micheal Worthington in 1995. After 3 years he please guilty under oath and said what he did to her. I am ashamed of our Missouri Supreme Court for not carrying out the sentences that were imposed by the lower court and a jury of their peers after all their appeals have been exhausted. It is time to finished the sentences imposed. I also commend Attorney General Koster for trying to get the high court to see that justice is served to the victims.

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