Mystery Priest Aids Car Crash Victim and then Disappears

He came out of nowhere as first responders struggled to rescue Katie Lentz from a crushed car smashed by an oncoming drunken driver. According to an AP article, the crash occurred Sunday morning on Route 19 near Center Missouri. The young woman had been on her way to Jefferson City where she worked as an intern at the Community Health Center and the Missouri Primary Care Association.
After about an hour of trying to extricate Lentz from the crushed vehicle, the young women asked her rescuers to pray with her. It was then that a Catholic priest appeared with anointing oil and told everyone to remain calm. First responders reported that a sense of calm descended on everyone and soon more rescuers arrived and Lentz was extricated from her car. She is now at Blessing Hospital in Quincy Illinois, her hometown, where a recovery is expected.
Neither Lentz nor the rescuers are Catholic. Katie Lentz’s pastor said: “None of us are even Catholic. Our Church is an Assembly of God Church.” For the Associated Press story click here. For an article and link to a video, see this article from the Jefferson City News Tribune.


Posted: August 9, 2013

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