Nebraska Holds First Execution in Decades

On Tuesday, Carey Dean Moore was executed for the murder of two taxi drivers in Nebraska. The execution proved to be a series of firsts for the state: the state’s first execution in 21 years, its first lethal injection, and it’s first to use a synthetic painkiller that helped drive the opioid epidemic. The execution was even more unusual in that the state legislature voted to abolish the death penalty in 2015 before voters reversed the decision the following year. Adding to the controversy was a lawsuit filed last week by a European company alleging that Nebraska had obtained some of the drugs by improper or illegal means. That lawsuit was later rejected.

It took 23 minutes to pronounce Moore dead and the curtain was closed on three occasions preventing witnesses from viewing what was happening. So far in 2018, seven states have carried out executions. Moore is the 16th person to be executed this year.