New Photo ID Law in Effect

When Missourians head to the polls on August 7th, they will need to be mindful of the requirements of Missouri’s new photo ID law. Effective June 1, 2017, the law identifies various options for registered voters to use on Election Day.

Most Missourians have a Missouri driver’s license or non-driver license, which is an acceptable photo ID for voting. There are other options as well: 1) U.S. Passport or Military ID; 2) secondary form of identification, such as a paycheck or bank statement and must sign a statement confirming their identity; or, 3) if the voter has no form of identification, but is a registered voter, they may cast a provisional ballot.

Missouri photo voter ID law also requires the state of Missouri to assist voters who might not have a photo ID with the process of obtaining one free non-driver license for the purpose of voting.