News Studies Released on Immigration

Recently two joint studies – The Economic and Fiscal Contributions of International Immigrants in the States of Kansas and Missouri – were released that showed immigrants in Kansas and Missouri are “a major force” in the states’ economies. Both studies were conducted by the University of Missouri – Kansas City (UMKC) Center for Economic Information, and commissioned by the Hispanic Development Fund.

Some of the findings show:

  • The agribusiness economy in Kansas and the meatpacking industry in both states would not exist without immigrant labor.
  • From 2008-2010, unauthorized immigration decreased in Kansas and increased in Missouri.
  • Missouri is ranked 41st in the nation for the number of illegal immigrants, with 55,000.
  • In Missouri, immigrants pay $3,073 and natives pay $3,194 a year in per capita sales and local taxes.
  • More immigrants living in Missouri now hail from Asia than Mexico. The number of immigrants from India, China and the former Yugoslavia combined is about the same as the number of immigrants from Mexico.
  • Missouri immigrants not born in Mexico or Central America are more affluent with more education than native Missourians.

To view the complete study for Kansas click here.

To view the complete study for Missouri click here.

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