North From Mexico

Most Dreamers migrated from Mexico. In total, the sum is near 618,342 young children and infants. Though Dreamers live in states across the nation (Missouri had 3,300 DACA recipients as of September 2017), they are concentrated in the American Southwest in areas that used to be a part of Mexico. There are 222,795 Dreamers in California and 124,300 in Texas. 

In considering the Dreamer issue, it helps to keep in mind some history. The U.S. annexed huge swaths of the American Southwest from Mexico under the terms of the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. However, the reconfigured border between Mexico and the U.S. has not altered the fact that the American Southwest shares many traits with Mexico: an arid mountainous and desert terrain where Spanish speakers are common and the Catholic faith flourishes. 

A good book to read on the history and culture of the American Southwest is Cary McWilliams’ North From Mexico. Another more recent book, Continental Ambitions, written by Catholic historian Kenneth Star, explores the missionary work of the Jesuit and Franciscan Friars in the Southwest during the time when this area was a part of Spain and then Mexico.