Oct. 6 Execution Pending for Man Likely Wrongly Convicted — Please Contact Governor Nixon to Stop the Execution

Despite a lack of physical evidence, the State is planning on executing Kimber Edwards on Oct. 6 for the murder-for-hire of his ex-wife Kimberly Cantrell in 2000.

From the beginning Orthell Wilson admitted to killing Cantrell (his secret girlfriend), but pointed the finger at Edwards as the mastermind of the crime. In a 2015 affidavit Wilson admits that he lied, that he acted alone and that Edwards is totally innocent of the crime, thus undermining the State’s strongest evidence implicating Edwards.  In exchange for his cooperation at the time of the crime, Wilson received a life without parole sentence while Edwards received death.  The only other evidence against Edwards, who has autism, was incriminating statements he made to police after an intense nine hour interrogation in which police threatened his family if he did not confess.

Regardless of how one feels about the death penalty, there is no justification for executing someone where reasonable doubt exist of their guilt. This case deserves further scrutiny! !

Contact Governor Nixon today at 573-751-3222 or send an email to let him know that this case is tainted with false testimony and a coerced confession. Urge him to halt this execution and convene a board of inquiry to further examine the case.

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