Owner of St. Louis Pathology Lab Testifies At MO House Hearing On Planned Parenthood

The Missouri House Committee exploring Planned Parenthood’s practices in Missouri heard testimony this week from Dr. Robert Miller, the owner of Pathology Services, Inc., the lab that examines the fetal remains from abortions performed at Planned Parenthood’s clinic in St. Louis.

Dr. Miller testified that they receive the remains in containers as small as the size of a juice jar and as large as an ice cream container.  “As far as I know,” he stated, Planned Parenthood sends him all of the remains.  He conceded, however, “it is possible,” that they don’t.  They only perform microscopic exams on the remains if they see an abnormality.  Otherwise, the exams are done visually.

Documents produced by Attorney General Chris Koster reveal that the lab charges $7.00 to exam each container of remains.  For more on Dr. Miller’s testimony, click here.

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