Planned Parenthood to Abandon “Pro-Choice” Slogan

Reports are surfacing that Planned Parenthood will stop using the term “pro-choice” to describe it’s pro-abortion rights political movement. They claim a desire to use terms describing that abortion is a difficult decision, and one that should be left to a woman and her doctor. Whether that will translate into a snappy new political slogan is yet to be seen.

What has been seen is a shift in American opinion towards identifying as pro-life. A recent Gallup poll indicates that 50% of Americans identify as being pro-life while only 41% identify as being pro-choice. Perhaps Planned Parenthood thinks its pro-choice slogan has outlived its usefulness. Whatever slogan Planned Parenthood uses next, they cannot escape the unavoidable truth that abortion ends the life of an innocent human being who has no choice in the matter whatsoever.

Click here to read the Gallup poll.

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