Pro-Life Provisions of HB 700

HB 700 prohibits funding of abortions, except to save the life of the mother. The bill provides Medicaid health coverage for uninsured pregnant women and their unborn children. HB 700 also establishes a new program – the Show-Me Healthy Babies Program – that will offer health coverage when the traditional Medicaid program doesn’t.


The Show-Me Healthy Babies Program will make sure quality prenatal care is available to women who are uninsured. The Show-Me Healthy Babies Program enlists the help of pregnancy resource centers and maternity homes to identify pregnant women who need prenatal care but cannot afford it.


Prenatal care ensures healthy outcomes for both mother and child. By getting into family doctors or obstetricians/gynecologists early in their pregnancy, women learn more about the healthy lifestyle (good nutrition, no smoking or drinking of alcohol) that can lead to the delivery of a healthier baby. Also, prenatal care visits can lead to the discovery of conditions that can be treated by early intervention.

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