Religious Liberty Bill Set for Action in Missouri House

The Health Insurance Committee of the Missouri House is set to act on SB 749 next Tuesday, May 8. Committee Chair Chris Molendorp (R-Raymore) plans to present a House Committee Substitute (HCS) for the bill that will require health insurance carriers to write policies, upon request, that exclude coverage for abortion drugs, contraceptives and sterilization procedures. The HCS makes it much clearer than the version of the bill passed by the Senate that insurers must write these policies.
Included in the HCS for SB 749 are additional provisions that allow health care providers, for example, doctors and nurses, to refuse to participate in medical procedures, such as abortions, that violate their moral and religious beliefs. Conscience rights protections are also added so pharmacies can refuse to distribute abortion drugs or other medicines they morally object to.If approved by committee, SB 749 will move to the House floor for debate. After that, presuming the House approves the bill, it must return to the Missouri Senate for that body to consider the House’s changes. Priority bills can move quickly in the process and that will have to happen in this case. This year’s session ends Friday, May 18.

2 thoughts on “Religious Liberty Bill Set for Action in Missouri House

  1. Julie Kammerer says:

    Please pass the SB749. I do not want to pay for abortion drugs or abortions. My husband is a physician and he also deserves the right to refuse to perform medical practices that are against his moral convictions. Please fight for our religious rights and freedoms!!
    Thank you for your efforts.
    Julie Kammerer

  2. Leonard Dino, Sr. says:

    Please, support Missouri Senate Bill SB749 protect my Religious Rights. Missouri residents support Rfeligious Rights.

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