Right to Pray Amendment Passes by Massive Margin

By an almost 5-to-1 margin, Missouri voters on Aug. 7 inserted stronger safeguards for the right to pray into the Bill of Rights of the state constitution. Amendment 2 garnered more than 82 percent of the statewide vote. The state’s Roman Catholic bishops urged Catholics to support the amendment, which affirms every citizen’s right to acknowledge Almighty God according to the dictates of his or her conscience.

The amendment allows ministers, clergypersons and other individuals to offer invocations or prayers at sessions of the Missouri General Assembly and before other governing bodies. It also affirms the right of students to express their religious beliefs in academic assignments. Students cannot be compelled to participate in academic assignments that violate their religious beliefs. Voluntary and private prayer in public schools is also protected under the amendment.

In their statement supporting the amendment, the bishops asserted that freedom of religion must include more than just worship on Sunday; it “also includes the freedom to express one’s faith publicly through acts of mercy, and through prayerful witness to matters of importance to the common good of society as a whole.”

One thought on “Right to Pray Amendment Passes by Massive Margin

  1. Texas Aggie says:

    Since there was never a proscription AGAINST “voluntary and private prayer in public schools,” the only thing this law affects is the teaching of reality. No longer will it be permissible to fail a student who doesn’t “believe” biology or physics or history or sociology or anything else that might include “assignments that violate their religious beliefs.”

    Way to go, guys. While pretending to stand up for your “faith” which was never in any danger, you have succeeded in dumbing down education even further. Was that your original intention?

    And Hoey’s protestations to the contrary only serve to destroy any credibility he ever had.

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