School Choice Closer to Home?

Those of you in the St. Louis area may be aware of how a state law allowing students in unaccredited K-12 school districts to transfer to better public schools is affecting the opening of school there. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that some students in the Riverview Gardens district are having to board buses at 5:30 a.m. to get to their new schools on time.
But for some of the students and their families going to a better public school is not their first choice. They would rather attend a Catholic or Lutheran school that is just down the block. Kurema Williams says she would rather send her children to Grace Chapel Lutheran School. See transfers for more on this story.
For several years the MCC has urged the general assembly to amend the current state law to allow families more choices in where their children attend school. The stubborn refusal to consider private and parochial schools as an option for families is unjust and inefficient. In the coming legislative session, the MCC will once again urge legislators to broaden their horizons and look to the good of families who want their children to have the best education possible.

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