Selling or Incinerating the Remains of Unborn Children – Both are Terrible

In California we know Planned Parenthood has sold the remains of unborn children to researchers, but we don’t know yet whether St. Louis Planned Parenthood is engaged in this practice. The Koster report tracks a paper trial of the disposition of the remains of the unborn children that suggests no selling of fetal tissue is taking place; however, the Koster report is incomplete. For example, Koster only produced records from one month of abortions, and we don’t know what other documents or records were examined.

What we do know for certain from the Koster report is that Pathology Services, Inc. is accepting the remains of unborn children from St. Louis Planned Parenthood and that some of these remains end up being incinerated. Sold or incinerated, both results are tragic and totally disrespect human life. Pathology Services, Inc. and other private businesses supporting St. Louis Planned Parenthood need to sever their ties with the abortion industry. Pray that they will do so.

One thought on “Selling or Incinerating the Remains of Unborn Children – Both are Terrible

  1. Jerry Kinder says:

    Surely the University of Missouri can do better than using its resources to promote abortion by using the remains of aborted children in any way. I would call on MU Curators, especially Maurice Graham to make the right decision in this regard.

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