Senate Begins Debate on 72-Hour Waiting Period Bill

On Wednesday this week, the Missouri Senate took up SB 519 for debate on the floor for the first time.  Sponsored by Senator David Sater (R-Casville), SB 519 which would increase the waiting period for having an abortion from 24-hours to 72-hours and is expected to face significant opposition from abortion supporters.

In 1992 the U.S. Supreme Court upheld Pennsylvania’s 24-hour waiting period, stating that it “helps ensure that the woman’s decision to abort is a well-considered one and reasonably furthers the state’s legitimate interest in maternal health and in the unborn life of the fetus.”  No federal court has yet to consider the constitutionality of a 72-hour waiting period.

Several countries in Western Europe have 72-hour or longer waiting periods, and also lower abortion rates than the U.S.



Posted: February 21, 2014


3 thoughts on “Senate Begins Debate on 72-Hour Waiting Period Bill

  1. Linda Clark says:

    Please pass the 72 hour wait before an abortion. It will make a difference on some of the mothers aborting their child. I do not believe it’s just a fetus but a child. Have mercy.

  2. Susan Hannibal says:

    I’m glad to see it’s not included here, but the full text of your statement that was distributed by the Respect Life Apostolate in St. Louis said, “a woman must wait 48 hours before she can give consent to giving her child up for adoption.”

    I support the passage of HB 519, but am very disappointed to see MCC still using the phrase “giving her child up.” It is statements like that that inform attitudes which are far too prevalent regarding the nature of the adoption landscape. When a woman makes an adoption plan, she is not giving away her child, she is not a “bad mother” or one who has made a negative and shameful choice. She is a woman who chose life for her child, who made a beautiful sacrifice in order to provide her child with parents who were fully capable of giving that child boundless love and other resources. She is a woman who can still have a relationship with that baby – more special than any friend, aunt, cousin or sister – with unconditional love.

    Please help erase that horrible imagery and delete that wording from your lexicon. Help young women understand that when they give the gift of adoption, they open up a whole new world of love for themselves, the adopting family, for the sweet child they carry and for all of humanity.

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