Sign SB 749 — Will Gov. Nixon Protect Religious Liberty?

Gov. Jay Nixon

Recently, Gov. Jay Nixon placed on the Aug. 7 election ballot a “right to pray” proposed constitutional amendment that will protect a citizen’s right to express his religious beliefs. No doubt the proposal will pass overwhelmingly. By signing SB 749, however, the governor has an opportunity to allow Missouri citizens to not only pray, but to practice their faith on a daily basis. After all, no one should be forced to pay for abortion in his or her health plan.

Gov. Nixon has an opportunity to hold up Missouri as an example to the nation of how to protect our religious freedoms and rights of conscience. It’s time to send the national pundits a message: when it comes to religious freedom, Missouri will not be “flyover territory.”

Gov. Nixon, right now we need a hero for religious freedom. Please stand up, sign SB 749, and defend our religious liberties!

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