Study Shows U.S. is Less Religious, but Much Stability in Religious Landscape

A survey released this week by the Pew Research Center showed a solid core of U.S. adults who are still actively engaged in their faith.  According to the survey two-thirds of religiously affiliated adults reported last year that faith was very important to them;  that they prayed daily and attended worship services at least once or twice a month.  This number was consistent with the last time the Pew conducted its U.S. Religious Landscape Study in 2007.  The recent survey showed that in some ways the religiously affiliated are more devoted to their faith than they were in previous years.

An initial release of the data last May raised some concerns when the researchers reported that Americans who don’t affiliate with a religion have become the second-largest group in total numbers behind evangelicals, comprising about 23 percent of the U.S. adults.  Declaring themselves as atheists or agnostics, the high percentage of these individuals made the country less religious overall.

The study also found a widening split when it comes to religion and politics.  Pew found that people with no religious ties are now the largest group in the Democratic Party while Evangelicals remain the largest religious group in the GOP.

To view the entire report follow this link.

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