The Dollars and Sense of Medicaid Expansion – Series #4

State Rep. Chris Kelly (D-Columbia) has penned an article discussing the Medicaid expansion. Mr. Kelly, who is known as a maverick Democrat who works well with Republican colleagues, is urging his fellow members of the Missouri House to put aside their distaste of “Obamacare” and consider how rural hospitals may be harmed should Missouri refuse to expand Medicaid. The Kelly article offers one perspective on this issue. Click here to read the article.

Meanwhile, Governor Nixon has come out in favor of the Medicaid expansion while legislative leaders remain staunchly opposed. Unless the governor can win support in the general assembly, a Medicaid expansion will not happen. Even the governor’s office concedes expanding Medicaid cannot be done by executive action alone; law changes are needed and that means the general assembly would need to pass a bill raising eligibility for Medicaid.

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