Two Pro-Life Bills on Abortion and the Death Penalty Passed By Senate Committees

SB 816, which would repeal the death penalty in Missouri, and SB 644, which addresses fetal tissue donations in Missouri and inspections of abortion clinics, both received a “Do Pass” vote this week from their respective committees. The MCC is working for passage of both bills. 

Those in favor of the bills testified about the importance of all lives, “from womb to tomb.”

The Senate Committee on Seniors, Families & Children heard SB 644, sponsored by Sen. Bob Onder (R-St. Charles). SB 644 would prohibit fetal tissue from an abortion from being donated for research and would require all fetal remains obtained from an abortion to be submitted for a pathological examination and disposal. Only sample tissue needed for law enforcement purposes and/or to diagnose suspected diseases could be retained. 

SB 644 would also require all abortion clinics in Missouri to be inspected once a year, and that any abortionist have admitting and surgical privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of the clinic.

In other committee action the Senate General Laws and Pensions Committee voted “Do Pass” SB 816, sponsored by Sen. Paul Wieland (R-Imperial), which would repeal the death penalty in Missouri. The Missouri Catholic Conference’s General Counsel Tyler McClay testified in support of the bill when it was first heard last week.

In introducing his bill to the committee, Sen. Wieland said that he was motivated to sponsor the bill because of his pro-life beliefs. “For me to be consistent with my pro-life beliefs, I need to not only protect the innocent unborn, but also those guilty of serious crime,” Wieland noted. 

Both pro-life bills SB 816 and SB 644 can now move to the full Senate for further consideration. You can read the full MCC press release here. 

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