What Now? MCC Plans for Override of Gov. Nixon’s Veto of SB 749

The Missouri Catholic Conference is fully committed to supporting legislators in their effort to override the veto and enact SB 749 into state law. The veto session begins Sept. 12. Between now and then our challenge will be to secure a two-thirds majority in both legislative chambers – 109 in the Missouri House and 23 in the Missouri Senate. SB 749 passed in the Senate with 28 votes, while the bill passed with 105 votes in the House.

An override is therefore doable, but it will not be easy. There were some supporters of SB 749 absent in the House who could make up the difference and gain us the 109 votes. Hopefully, there will be no slippage of the votes in the Senate. However, veto sessions are not always well attended, especially by legislators who will not be back in January because of term limits or being defeated in the August primary.

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