Why I am Signing the Petition

The Missouri Children’s Education Initiative (CEI) is a proposed amendment to the Missouri Constitution that will provide financial assistance to elementary and secondary school children. I am signing this petition because this proposal is a win-win-win proposition! It has the potential to help all children in our state and it does so without raising taxes. Rather, taxpayers will be able to claim a tax credit for 50% of their donation to a “Children’s Education Foundation.”

Using this tax credit as an incentive for giving, non-profit foundations will be able to raise more funds to assist more schools and more students.

Who will benefit? This program will work to improve all programs in public schools. It will provide scholarships to those who attend nonpublic schools, and it will provide special education scholarships or funds to enhance special education services. Yes, this is indeed a win-win-win proposal.

In my own personal life, I am exceedingly grateful for the excellent, Catholic parochial education I received at the grade school and high school levels throughout my early years. The culture of Catholic education reinforced what I was learning at home and helped to nurture my faith. I believe it was also instrumental in helping to cultivate my vocation. My parents sent all of their children to Catholic schools at great sacrifice. How helpful this sort of tax credit could have been for them and so many others like them, if only it been available at the time.

Let us ensure that it is available to all Missouri families today. Let’s sign the petition for the Missouri Children’s Education Initiative.



Posted: November 4, 2013

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