Will Approving Tax Cut Mean Less Mental Health Services?

Will an override of Governor’s Nixon veto of HB 253 – a major tax cut provision – lead to cuts in mental health services and other state programs? The Missouri Catholic Conference has no position on HB 253 but encourages both legislators and citizens to consider carefully the impact of this legislation. Legislators can consider a veto override in their September veto session.

Proponents, led by the GrowMissouri Coalition, believe the tax cuts will stimulate economic activity thereby generating more tax revenue. The end result will be continued robust funding for state services.

Opponents, including the Nixon Administration, believe enactment of HB 253 will lead to major funding cuts in essential state services. The Missouri Department of Mental Health recently issued its analysis of how passage of HB 253 would impact mental health services.


Posted: August 9, 2013

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