Will Mizzou Re-enter the Abortion Business?

Is the University of Missouri creeping back into the abortion business? As the MCC reported earlier, the university terminated 10 contracts with Planned Parenthood and plans to eliminate, effective December 1, its refer and follow hospital privileges, the only kind of privileges currently enjoyed by abortion doctor Colleen McNicholas.

The Columbia Missourian, however, recently reported that Mizzou has signed a new agreement that will allow nursing students from the university’s hospital to complete clinical rotations at Columbia Planned Parenthood. The new agreement stipulates that the students are not to assist or counsel a woman to have an abortion, but one wonders if this is a first step in which Mizzou will renew its relationship with Planned Parenthood and even find a way to grant new hospital privileges to McNicholas so abortions can continue in Columbia.

If Mizzou reverses course and gets back into the abortion business, the MCC will let you know. Another citizen campaign may be necessary; stay tuned.

One thought on “Will Mizzou Re-enter the Abortion Business?

  1. Brian Sheeley says:

    Absolutely not one penny of my tax dollars will be allowed to be used to further abortions or assist in any way the abortion community.

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