Will Religious Liberty Bill Cross the Finish Line?

This year’s session of the Missouri General Assembly ends at 6 p.m. Friday, May 18. Insurance lobbyists and the abortion industry are doing all they can to delay consideration of SB 749 – the religious liberty bill. Click here to read the MCC Action Alert.

SB 749, however, keeps inching forward. This week the House Health Insurance Committee voted a House Committee Substitute (HCS) for SB 749 “Do Pass” and the Rules Committee, which has final review, also approved the legislation. The bill is now in position to be debated by the full House next week, hopefully early next week because the bill must go back to the Senate for it to consider the House’s changes to the bill.

SB 749 might end up in a conference committee where the House and Senate can try to work out their differences. The HCS adds a number of ambitious new provisions to SB 749, such as conscience protections for health care providers. The MCC strongly supports these provisions but will the Senate accept them? It promises to be a wild ride next week.

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