Work Requirements for Food Stamps Discussed in Senate Committee

The Senate Committee on Seniors, Families and Children also heard HB 1486, sponsored by Rep. Hannah Kelly (R-Mountain Grove), which could result in the loss of food stamp benefits for thousands of families.  The bill would increase the penalties on those failing to meet federal work requirements in the federally-funded Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).  

Federal law requires the State of Missouri to provide work training and job placement assistance in its SNAP program. However, Missouri lacks sufficient job centers around the state and currently only serves several thousand recipients. HB 1486 would require many more thousand to patriciate in this already over-loaded employment and training program.

The MCC testified in opposition to HB 1486 due to concerns that adults with children will be cut off from the program without being offered the assistance they need to get back into the workforce. For the poor, transportation, child care, and a lack of education and training can be hurdles to employment. The concern is that if adults lose their SNAP benefits, it will impact the children being raised in their homes.