Director of DOC Confronted About Executioners’ Payments

This week George Lombardi, Director of the Department of Corrections (DOC), faced tough questions before the Appropriations Committee on Public Safety and Corrections regarding payments made to individuals who assist with executions.  Lombardi revealed that the DOC does not give 1099 tax forms to those employees and there is no Department policy or procedure to ensure that these individuals report their earnings to the IRS. 

It is estimated that since 2013, over $284,000 in cash has been hand delivered in envelopes by DOC officials to those who assist with executions.  The largest amount for each execution, approximately $7,000, goes to the drug supplier. Individual team members receive in the range of $2,000-$3,000 for each execution.

Lombardi defended the DOC’s action by stating that if the identities of the participants were not kept secret, the death penalty would end in Missouri because no one would participate in the process. Lombardi noted that the DOC has not issued 1099s to execution team members since the administration of Governor John Ashcroft.

Lombardi was also challenged on why the DOC budget did not line item the expenses for executions, but used money from other budget categories.

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