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To get involved in the legislative efforts of the MCC click here. You can register for our newsletters, updates, and other communication efforts. You can also see the most important legislative matters pertinent to the MCC for the current legislative session. You can also get involved by sending a letter to members of the legislature, on both the state and federal level.

  7 Responses to “Take Action”

  1. Do you still need more signatures? How many do you have/need? How can I sign?

    I go to St. John Lalande Catholic Church in Blue Springs Missouri. Do you know if there are any signature initiatives from this parish?


    • Mike,

      We are still accepting signatures! We have not received any from St. John Lalande. Ask your pastor, you should have received a packet with all of the information and signature sheets. If there is no packet we can resend one. Thanks for wanting to help!

  2. We were wanting to send a message to the University of Missouri’s Board of Curators to urge them to cut ties with abortion doctor Colleen McNicholas. Your website says that the campaign has been deactivated.
    Is this correct?

    Gordon and Hilda Lowell

    • Hi Gordon and Hilda,
      MU has decided to terminate their relationship with Dr. McNicholas beginning December 1st! We have a new Action Alert you may send to thank the Chancellor and the Board for their decision. You can find this alert here: Thank you, Mizzou!

  3. Thank you for helping MU get out of the abortion business.


    Joyce Wortmann

  4. Please keep us informed when and to whom we should continue to write letter or call to keep Missouri State out of the abortion business. The abortionists cause great harm to families, espciallly the mothers and dad, and all of our society. We are praying that there will be no abortions here in Missouri nor elsewheres.
    Peace and Prayers, Fr. Francis ofm

  5. stop abortions in our state and country. Defund planned parenthood