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  5 Responses to “Active Issues”

  1. On researching different bills on this website, I see a Track Code. What does this mean and where can I find the correct place to look for or enter the codes to find out more info?
    Thank you,
    Kathleen Kump

  2. Our prolife committee is considering having a letter writing campaign regarding SB 519. We are wondering if we still have time. It will take us a week or so to get the bulletin announcements in etc.

    • Yes, the legislative session does not end until mid May, and the legislation is still in the Senate. Thank you for your support and good luck with your campaign!

  3. Within the past two days, with only one week left in this legislative session, I’ve received emailings from both the MCC as well as the MO RTL groups regarding contacting my legislator in order to persuade him to support various pro-life legislation on the floor/coming to the floor for a vote. I was overwhelmed by the number of “pro-life” bills in these recent mailings. Isn’t there a way to work with legislators committed to our cause to space these issues out within the session in order that they’re not all being decided at the end? I’ve already contacted my senator (Scott Sifton) on previous occasions when asked to do so by either MCC and/or MO RTL, when the subject was one single bill (or part of a bill)…I’m not certain where to begin with the long list of issues presented to me…they’re not even prioritized in order of importance/impact. Very discouraging, I’m sorry to tell you.