Prayer Intentions for the MCC Public Policy Priorities

prayer-logoProtect Human Life

  • We pray for the protection of human life from conception to natural death.  We especially pray for an end to abortion, the use of the death penalty, and the ongoing embryonic stem cell research in Missouri, and also for protection against the legalization of euthanasia here.

Welcome Immigrants and Refugees

  • We pray for those seeking refuge from war, economic oppression, and religious persecution; and for those who migrate in search of a better life for themselves and their families.  We also pray for the immigrants and refugees in our midst and for the wisdom to address the legal and social issues arising from illegal immigration.

Advance Social and Economic Justice for All

  • We pray for an end to the economic injustices that trap people in a helpless state of poverty, for access to affordable healthcare for all Missouri citizens, and for jobs offering wages that will help sustain Missouri families and their children.   We also pray for the healing of wounds caused by the recent episodes of racial division in this state.

Uphold Marriage and the Family

  • We pray that the institution of marriage as the union of one man and one woman will be sustained and encouraged.  We also pray that Missouri families have the resources to be able to support themselves, and for those programs that promote parenting skills and fatherhood responsibility, along with those that help prevent and address domestic violence.

Defend Religious Liberty

  • We pray that all Missouri citizens will be free to practice their religious faith in accord with the dictates of their conscience.  We also pray for laws that will prevent discrimination against people of faith for acting in accordance with their faith in their public and private lives.

Promote Educational Opportunities

  • We pray for access to quality education for all Missouri citizens, and that parents be encouraged and supported in their efforts to choose the best education possible for their children.   We pray especially that our Catholic schools be a viable option for those in need of quality, faith-based education.

Reform Criminal Justice

  • We pray for reforms to the criminal justice system in Missouri that will ensure the fair and humane treatment of offenders, both juvenile and adult.  We also pray for the passage legislation, which will assist offenders as they try to reintegrate into society.

Restore Faith in the Democratic Process

  • We pray for ethics reform in the Missouri General Assembly so that citizens will have greater confidence in the legislative process and renewed respect for Missouri state government.