What Does Real Leadership Look Like?

In 1996 the late Cardinal George Basil Hume addressed the British Parliament on what he considered essential attributes for any leader. Here is one passage from that talk worth recalling as Americans approach the 2016 electoral season:
Leaders in all walks of life, whether in business, politics or the media, local or national, have a role in articulating a vision for the people they lead and influence. There is a judgment to be made by those in positions of leadership about what it is in others to which they will seek to appeal. Is it to the best, the noblest in people, to their generosity and capacity for sacrifice, to the desire to be open to others? Or do they appeal to the worst in people, to their greed, their selfishness, to their fears and prejudices? Do we encourage the good in people or do we exploit the bad? The kind of society we become depends in large measure upon the answers.

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