72-hour Waiting Period Legislation Sent to the Governor’s Desk

Legislation with the potential to save thousands of lives was sent to  Governor Nixon’s desk this week. If signed into law, House Bill 1307, sponsored by Representative Kevin Elmer (R-Nixa), will increase the current waiting period for an abortion from 24-hours to 72-hours after receiving the state required information regarding the procedure.

The Missouri Senate approved the bill on a vote of 22-9. Final passage came from the House where the legislation received approval in a bi-partisan vote of 111-39.

Pro-life legislators called for the necessity of this legislation, stating that women need this time to make a decision and to fully grasp the implication of that decision after receiving the state required information regarding the procedure.

House Bill 1307 was a priority for the Missouri Catholic Conference, and the MCC worked with legislators from both sides of the aisle to get this legislation passed. “By allowing a woman this reflection period to consider the gravity of this decision we can hopefully reduce the number of abortions seen in Missouri, saving lives of the innocent,” Mike Hoey, Executive Director of the MCC, said.

Members of the MCC’s Citizens Network continuously voiced their support for this legislation throughout this year’s session. The MCC would like to thank all of the efforts made and remind you that this could not have happened without you!

The legislation is now sitting on the governor’s desk where it can be vetoed or signed into law; the last day for the governor to act on legislation is July 14, 2014.

Posted: May 16, 2014

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