Annual Assembly Workshop Feature – The “Baby-Daddy” Dilemma: Why Fathers Need to be Husbands

Statistics tell us that too many fathers today are “absent without leave” from their families and too many children and moms are paying the price.  How do we change this crisis and bring back fathers?  In Catholic tradition the role of fatherhood naturally flows from the role of husband in a marriage.  It is through marriage that men can reclaim the true meaning of fatherhood.

One workshop at this years MCC Annual Assembly will be offered by Deacon Jim Russell, Family Life Coordinator for the Archdiocese of St. Louis. He will explore the critical steps needed to re-establish the inseparable link between fatherhood and marriage.  Don’t miss this important presentation!

To view a full list of workshops being presented and to register for the MCC Annual Assembly, held on October 4, visit the MCC Web site,

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