Archbishop Carlson Pledges Renewed Effort to End Systemic Racism

In a votive Mass for peace and justice held at the Cathedral Basilica in St. Louis attended by over 500 Catholics, Archbishop Robert J. Carlson pledged renewed efforts to “dismantle systemic racism.” The archbishop laid out several steps that will be undertaken, including re-establishing the Archdiocese’s Human Rights Commission and providing scholarships so that more poor students can attend Catholic schools. The archdiocese will also provide assistance to the churches in Ferguson as they address issues of racism and poverty.

Archbishop Carlson offered prayers for the families of Michael Brown and Darren Wilson as well as for the first responders and community leaders trying to address the issues in Ferguson. In the votive Mass the Archbishop prayed: “We ask for the wisdom and compassion and courage to address the brokenness and division that confronts us as we recognize there is an irrepressible yearning present in the heart of each person for the good.”

Archbishop Carlson noted that the Commandments and the Beatitudes offer a roadmap to address the current crisis: “Like the first disciples, we need to leave our ordinary way of doing things behind and follow Jesus, a journey that is never easy.”
Posted: August 22, 2014

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