Archbishop Carlson’s Statement on Missouri Flooding; How Can You Help?

The end of 2015 left Missouri in a state of emergency after days of continuous rain resulted in record-breaking floodwaters. In Missouri alone, 200 roads were closed due to flooding during the first week of the year, leaving many residents isolated and unable to reach safety. The damage to homes, buildings and lives goes beyond monetary value. Those affected have and will continue to undergo emotional stress in their struggle to rebuild their lives. Catholic organizations around the state, especially in the St. Louis area, are working to help those affected by giving them shelter and assistance in getting their lives back in order.

Archbishop Robert Carlson issued a statement regarding the flooding, which can be read here.

The people of St. Louis and surrounding areas need help, the most valuable of which, as Archbishop Carlson noted, is your time. To see how you can get involved with Catholic Charities’ efforts to get St. Louis and its people back on their feet after these disastrous events, visit this webpage.

If you or someone you know needs assistance recovering from damage caused by the flooding, follow this link to find information about distaster relief centers. 

For additional information on the flooding damage in St. Louis and surrounding areas, click here.

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