Are You Ready for the Great American Total Solar Eclipse?

Exactly one month from today, on August 21, America will fall under the path of the Great American Total Solar Eclipse. A total solar eclipse occurs when the disk of the moon appears to completely cover the disk of the sun in the sky.

Two to five solar eclipses occur each year on average, but a total solar eclipse happens only every 18 months or so. And, it’s the first time in 100 years that the total eclipse path will reach across the United States from the Atlantic to the Pacific. What you see depends on where you are. This time, the path of totality passes through a 70-mile swath that runs from Oregon to South Carolina. Missouri is right in the middle of it all, and we can expect to see the skies darken for at least two minutes.

So mark your calendars, pick out your spot to watch the event and don’t forget to bring a pair of solar viewing glasses to protect your eyes. If you want to participate in an eclipse event, check out these happenings at Missouri State Parks.