Ask Governor Nixon for Clemency for Tim Storey

Walter (Timothy) Storey is scheduled for execution on February 11 for the murder of Jill Frey in 1990.  This case exemplifies all the inherent problems in the death penalty-ineffective legal counsel, misconduct by the prosecutor, and the political nature of capital punishment.

The death of Ms. Frey was a tragic loss of life and we grieve with her family and friends on the death of this talented, caring woman.  Yet Catholic teaching reminds us that the use of the death penalty diminishes us all and gives the illusion that you can protect life by taking it away.

Please contact Governor Jay Nixon by calling 573-751-3222 or by sending him an email and ask that he show mercy to Mr. Storey who is no longer a threat to society. Mr. Storey has become a respected person in the prison community and he is an active member of restorative justice programs.

2 thoughts on “Ask Governor Nixon for Clemency for Tim Storey

  1. Shannon Ross says:

    Please grant clemency to Tim Storey. The death penalty is a practice that is too often employed. The risk of being wrong is so great as evidence shows. If wrong, how is this different from state-sponsored murder?

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