Attorney General Suggests Lethal Drugs Come from State Lab

In a speech this week before lawyers, Attorney General Chris Koster, proposed bringing more transparency to Missouri’s execution process by establishing a state lab to make the lethal injection drugs. In his speech Koster noted the “uneasy cooperation” that currently exists between medical professionals, pharmaceutical companies and the state when it comes to carrying out executions.  Koster also indicated he was not comfortable with the “creeping secrecy” surrounding executions.

Attorney General Koster called on the legislature to remove “market-driven participants” and appropriate funds to operate a DEA-licensed lab to produce the lethal drugs.  However, Koster did not indicate how transparent a state-run lab should be compared to private vendors.

In recent months there has been much controversy surrounding Missouri’s execution protocol with both news organizations and attorneys for death row clients seeking more transparency.  Earlier this month several news organizations sued the Missouri Department of Corrections to require it to release information about the drugs the state uses for executions.


Posted: May 30, 2014

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