Bills on Benevolent Tax Credits Move Forward

Both the Missouri Senate and House have passed bills to re-establish tax credits that encourage donations to food pantries, children in crisis programs and pregnancy resource centers. SB 20, sponsored by Senator Bob Dixon (R-Springfield), is now pending in the Missouri House, while HB 87, sponsored by Representative Eric Burlison (R-Springfield), is pending in the Missouri Senate. Thanks to all those Network members who called or emailed their legislators on these bills. All those contacts are paying off, as there is a sense of urgency to get these credits back in place.

In order to be truly agreed to and finally passed by the general assembly, one of these bills will need to be agreed to by both chambers. So far there has been only weak opposition, as most people recognize the good work being done by these charities and how they help women and children and some of Missouri’s poorest families. Stay tuned for more.

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