Bishops’ Chairman Responds to Senate Failure to Pass “Skinny Repeal”

Bishop Frank J. Dewane of Venice, Florida, Chairman of the U.S. Bishops’ Committee on Domestic Justice, responded to the U.S. Senate’s failure to pass the so-called “skinny repeal” bill by commenting that “the task of reforming healthcare still remains.”

In his open letter, Bishop Dewane called upon Congress to put aside party and personal political interests to pursue the common good of our nation and its people, “especially the most vulnerable.” He called upon them to protect Medicaid and other safety nets for the poor, migrants and those at the margins, to address the real problem of collapsing insurance markets, and to protect the Hyde Amendment and rights of conscience.

The “skinny repeal” was an attempt by the Senate to repeal the Affordable Care Act to allow debate on the replacement package. It was called the “skinny repeal,” because it only repealed the Affordable Care Act and included no replacement language. It failed to pass in the Senate by a vote of 49 (in favor) to 51 (against).