Catholic Sensibility and American Politics

Is there such as thing as a “Catholic sensibility” about life and how it is to be lived? Certainly, our Catholic faith keeps us deeply tied to the rhythm of the seasons. The liturgical seasons and the seasons of the year go together in a natural progression. This, coupled with Catholics strong sense of family and place, offer a witness to our increasingly secularized culture that there are things more important than money, careers, and possessions.

In the political realm, Catholics have many different views on issues, but there seems to be a general habit of mind that values moderation, common sense and compassion. These habits of mind don’t make Catholics timid, but their advocacy on behalf of the unborn and less fortunate tends to involve not so much condemnation but pleas for help. It is a kind of political engagement we need more of if we want to bring the “Good News” of Christ into our political debates.

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