Changes to MCC Weekly Email and Network

We are making a few changes to the MCC Update and Network, and wanted to let you know about them. From now on, instead of Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn Update, this weekly emailed newsletter will now simply be called “MCC Weekly Update.” Don’t fret-the email will still contain a variety of helpful information about Catholic and political news from around the state, country and world, just under a different name.

Additionally, the MCC Citizen’s Network will now be known as the Missouri Catholic Advocacy Network, or MOCAN. We feel that this name is a better representation of what the network seeks to accomplish, which is to advocate for Catholic values and policies in the political arena. As part of the network, you will still receive the MCC Weekly Update,Good News, Messenger and Messenger Online, along with Action Alerts and other important information.

We encourage you to invite your family and friends to join MOCAN, so that together we can work to promote the common good in Missouri. As always, we thank you for supporting the Missouri Catholic Conference! The MCC could not accomplish its goals without this great network of Missouri Catholics.