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The Missouri Catholic Conference (MCC) tracked numerous bills this year considered by the Missouri General Assembly. Our End of Session Report covers pro-life and death penalty legislation, education bills affecting Catholic schools, religious liberty proposals, economic and criminal justice concerns and much more. In addition to giving the final status of bills – pass or fail – the report provides a brief explanation of the MCC’s position on each of the bills.

3 thoughts on “Check Out MCC End of Session Report

  1. mary salmond says:

    Excellent end of the year report. I realize the pro-life legislative crowd have had to study each word and consequence in each bill created, and the bills that were created years ago. The goal is to construct a move forward in the direction of most moral people to reach the ultimate – no abortions, because all mothers want their child and fathers will take responsibility for this also. If we are like Sparta or China, we are not a better or moral society.
    SB 802 needs the words “or any other inconvenient diagnosis as described by the mother”
    HB 1907 is this RU486 – pro-lifers have been fighting this for decades – please get rid of this destructive drug
    HB 1906 – these write-ups should be readable so you don’t need a lawyer to interpret for you
    HB2005 offers hope – that is love – a positive move
    HB1824 and SB652 – why is it a one-time report? just this year, or once a year?
    SR1793 & 1794 – wish this had happened sooner with other directors and doctors.
    Thanks for your continued efforts for life. I ran out of time to read the rest.>MS

  2. Patrick Crowley says:

    At this moment there is no report. I’ve selected the links indicated and have not left this page. You should activate the report before sending out the message to the archdiocese!

    • mocatholic says:

      Hi Patrick,
      If you click on the “End of Session Report” link, it will take you to the Legislative Issues page where you can view and print the PDF. If you continue to have trouble we can email you a copy of the report. Thank you!

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